Thursday, January 25, 2007

Waterfall 2006

The latest fad for techies seems to be this new Waterfall 2006 site, which was appropriately scheduled on April 1, 2006.

I first heard about this last week via some of my company's internal chat rooms, and since then it seems to be growing at an impressive rate, with more and more contributors presenting new material. Some of my favorite headlines include:
  • Eliminate Collaboration: Get More Done Alone
  • User Stories and Other Lies Users Tell Us
  • Pair Managing: Two Managers per Programmer
  • Unfactoring from Patterns: Job Security through Unreadability
Probably the best article so far is Major SDLC phases: Development Driven Development and Test Driven Testing.

Now, maybe I'm just slow, but at first I was honestly a bit confused about whether this was a joke or not! Let me explain: I did go through extensive "waterfall education" back in my days in the software engineering masters program, but I'd like to think I've moved forward with the rest of the industry since then.

But then reading some of these headlines, it's amazing how some of them seem to still have a familiar ring! Yes, headlines like Refuctoring pretty much give it away, but others such as Testing: Saving the Best for Last, could almost provide an accurate picture of our team's current motto. Eerily familiar phrases such as "Why write tests for code you're not likely to get wrong?" can make it hard to distinguish reality from fiction.

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