Sunday, March 11, 2007

Command Prompt Here

Every time I have a fresh install of Windows XP, one of the million tasks on my todo list is to add in the "Command Prompt Here" context menu. This time I did some searching around, and came across a few interesting results. First, I found this. Now, this page is very informative, and explains several different techniques for installing the shortcut. It also mentions that in Windows Vista, this will finally be a built-in feature. But the one thing it doesn't have is a simple download for an inf or reg script to actually just install it!

Then I found this page, which has the necessary stuff for a simple reg file - just copy and paste.

Still searching, I found this page on Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen blog. He really went the extra mile, and included install scripts for Visual Studio 2003 "Command Prompt Here" and also for Visual Studio 2005 "Command Prompt Here". He also has some other useful tools linked from his blog. Thanks a million, Scott. I won't be wasting time searching for these again.